1987 Honda Acty

$19,139 Asking Price

Vehicle highlights

  • Manufacturing Year: 1987
  • Make: Honda
  • Model:  Acty
  • Exterior color: Emerald Green
  • Interior color: Satin Black
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Engine: EH
  • Mileage: 22,000 kilometers
  • VIN: TA-2423536   Buy a CarVX Report!
  • Title status: Clean

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🚘 For Sale! The Legacy of a 1987 Honda Acty TA
📍 Located: Long Beach, CA
📦 Nationwide Shipping: Ready for it, including Hawaii!
💰 Priced at: $19,139

Text or Call: ‪(562) 661-8859‬

🛣 Unyielding Spirit of Japan 🌅:

In the backdrop of Kyoto, where ancient shrines stand testament to time, there thrived a man named Takeshi. A seasoned traveler, he treaded every road from the noisy streets of Shinjuku to the serene valleys of Gifu. But for all his lone wolf tendencies, he never traveled alone. His trusty steed: a 1987 Honda Acty TA, dubbed “Arashi” (嵐) or “Storm” in English.

Fueled by strong cups of vending machine black coffee (no sugar, no cream), Takeshi's days with Arashi were legendary. Picture this: the sun rising, the aromatic whiff of brewed coffee in the air, and Takeshi, with Arashi's wheels humming a rhythmic tune, charging into the day.

Arashi, with its assertive light bars, Halo LED Headlights, and robust green seat belts, was a testament to Takeshi’s bold spirit. Their weekend quests ranged from uphill drives in the Japanese Alps to spirited runs through the famed Gunma's mountain passes.

🔧 Beneath the Legendary Chronicle:

This isn’t just about old tales. Arashi has been groomed for the present:

  • Exterior: Commanding Satin Black, resonating strength and style.
  • Wheels: 13” Cromodora Wheels, armored with 175/70 R13 Accelera Tires.
  • Extras: A dominant 42" light bar up front and a 14" at the back, ready to conquer the night.
  • Under my watch after Takeshi, Arashi has been more a trophy, revered but sparingly used. Rigorous maintenance checks, meticulous soundproofing for that powerful, silent ride, and an air horn – echoing its legacy.

✍️ From Arashi (嵐) to You:

"My trails span ancient Japanese pathways to the freeways of California. I now seek a new commander, a new journey. Is that you?"


📜 Certifications & Assurance:

Equipped with legit documents from US Customs, EPA, DOT, a Japanese Export Certificate, and a spotless title + registration. Arashi awaits your command.


🎉 Embark on a Legendary Saga! 🎉

With Arashi, every ride isn’t merely a drive; it's an expedition – a fusion of Japanese valor and contemporary American asphalt. Seize this legend and let the saga continue!


Note: Arashi, though a force of nature, respects its commander. Treat it right, and you'll have a loyal ally for life. 🌪🚘

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