1993 Toyota Supra RZ

$100,000 Asking Price

Vehicle highlights

  • Manufacturing Year: 1993
  • Make: Toyota
  • Model:  Supra
  • Exterior color: Blue
  • Interior color: Black
  • Transmission: 6 speed manual
  • Engine: 2JZ GTE
  • Mileage: 61,500 miles
  • VIN: JZA80-00002156   Buy a CarVX Report!
  • Title status: Clean

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-Price Drop-Time To Go-Eyes On Something Else-

Car is a May 1993, Originally V160 GTE.

Currently still has less than 61,500 Miles. 

1016whp at 30.5 psi, E85 (Hub Dyno)

Federally Legal, (Military Imported), Clean PA Title In Hand.

Brian Roche Built Engine, Lawrence Shipman Tuned, Reassembled by Frankie Kvarta and Myself.

Looking to get into a Porsche 911 Turbo S most likely, and/or sell this outright first.

She was dynoed at Monticello Motor Speedway, on a Wheel Hub Dyno (with similar dyno readings to a Heart-breaker Mustang Dyno) Video included (tune has been tweaked slightly since, for the better) She still performed making 1,016whp at 30.5 psi (with a smaller exhaust housing “discussed later”). Vin plate was taken off for paint, it's showing age, and slightly fading, so I left it off and kept it in a bag, shown in pic.

The Breakdown


  • Brian Roche Built
  • Lawrence Shipman Tuned (AEM Infinity)
  • Still the original 2JZ Non-VVTI Engine (heavily updated by Brian)
  • About 4k miles on the new build
  • Diamond Pistons 10 to 1
  • Manley Tribeam Turbo Tuff Rods
  • King XP Rod & Main Bearings
  • BC 272 Cams
  • HKS Adjustable Cam Gears
  • ARP Main Studs
  • ARP Head Studs
  • Billet Maincaps
  • Polished/Balanced Crank
  • Ported/Polished/Deck/Bore & Hone
  • New Oil Pump/Water Pump/Alternator/Timing Belt/Serpentine/Tensioner Pully/ATI Dampener/Coil Packs & An Updated Harness (For any added sensors, we ran them into the loom so it looks clean, and as if it's supposed to be there)
  • PHR Oil Cooler
  • PHR Power Steering Cooler
  • PHR Power Steering Reservoir
  • Lane Banister Catch Can
  • Freed Engineering Coolant Overflow
  • Freed Engineering Dip Stick
  • PHR Throttle Cable
  • PHR Battery Relocation Kit
  • PHR Coil Pack Cover (custom)
  • TRD Engine Mounts
  • Engine Block and Valve Covers painted Black.
  • Coolant Overflow, Catch Can, Power Steering, Cold/Hot Side Piping, All Powder Coated Gloss Black
  • Most lines/hoses in the car are Black Hoses with Black Fittings
  • Turbo Kit/Danger To Manifold/Boost Things
  • PHR V45 Turbo Kit
  • Precision Gen 2 Ball Bearing 72/75 BB HP CC
  • T4 Stainless V-Band In/Out .96 A/R
  • Recirculated twin 44mm Tial Wastegates (V-Band)
  • Tial BOV
  • Stainless Boost Control Lines
  • Hondata 4-Port Boost Controller
  • 4” Intake
  • 4” Stainless Downpipe (V-Band)
  • 3” Hot Side Intercooler Pipe
  • 3.5” Cold Side Intercool Pipe
  • ETS 5” Intercooler
  • PHR Race Radiator
  • Deepmotor Intake Manifold/90mm Throttle Body/Fuel Rail


  • Authentic Titanium Amuse R1Titan (It Was Made-To-Order When I Lived In Japan)

I have the full thing, Un-Modified and Un-Cut. I have kept the Axle back portion of the exhaust (which is on the car) (I still have the 3.5’ mid-pipe section to bolts to a stock TT down-pipe) and instead I had a full custom-made Titanium mid-pipe put in to V-Band up to the 4” PHR downpipe, then it necks down at the back of the mid-pipe to 3.5”, two bolt flange to meet the Amuse Exhaust. “A” Style Burnt Can, “A” Style Burnt Tip, 5”. To most this won't matter, others, will understand my OCD of not wanting to cut up the exhaust, and spending way too much on the custom mid-pipe to keep it both Titanium, and the Amuse on the car. There are only a few supras in the country I know running the exhaust, Chris Flow has a video up comparing the sound to an HKS and Tomei somewhere, check it out (If I can find it, I’ll Include it).


  • Original V160
  • RPS Triple Carbon Clutch
  • Grannas Racing Clutch Line
  • Tiltan Master Cylinder
  • New Stock Slave Cylinder
  • TRD Trans Mount
  • PHR 3.5” One Piece Driveshaft
  • OS Giken LSD Diff (200mm)
  • Solid Shifter Bushings
  • New Trans Seals

(Original V160 was recently opened an inspected! 1 pin locally maned/replaced, all else was given a clean bill of health)


  • Radium Fuel Pump Hanger
  • Wade Hills Fuel Pump Hanger Cover
  • Lawrence Shipman Fuel Pump Relay Setup
  • 2-Walbro 525 Fuel Pumps
  • 8AN Feed
  • 6AN Return
  • Deepmotor Fuel Rail
  • FIC 2150cc Injectors
  • Direct Mount Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • E85 Flex Fuel (It can and does run fine on 93, it has been done/tested to make sure the computer blends properly)


  • All Suspension Pieces & Sub Frame Have Been Painted Gloss Black
  • Entire Undercarriage Has Been Re-Undercoated
  • HKS HIpermax IV GT Coilovers
  • COMPLETE CAR SuperPro Poly Bushings (rear sub-frame upper bushings are the supplemental, the others were not available at the time)
  • TRD Front Strut Bar
  • Titan Sway Bar Set (Front&Rear)
  • Whiteline Sway Bar End Links
  • Regressed All Bearings
  • New Front and Rear Hubs, Bearings & Brake Assemblies
  • Supra TT Brakes
  • DBA Slotted Rotors
  • TE37SL Wheels
  • Toyo R888R Tires
  • 265/35/18 Front
  • 315/35/18 Rear (I prefer 305s here but thy are out of stock until god knows when, last time I waited 11 months)
  • Grams Styling Full Body Kit (Ridox Style)
  • Suspension/Alignment was done at Monticello Raceway in NY, it is set up for aggressive road driving/track use. (I’m in PA, lots of twists as I’m in the sticks, 30 minutes to the closest town). It is also an "Equal Weight Distribution alignment" with a 175lb driver accounted for.
  • New S2 Headlights/Taillights/Third Break Light & Fog lights/New LED Bulbs In All


  • AEM Infinity (tuned by Lawrence as mentioned) 
  • BTI Gauge (not their newest version, the slightly smaller one but still touchscreen)
  • Most Sensors are AEM and hooked up to the ECU/BTI Gauge
  • Original Cluster and HVAC, Re-Done by Stuart Hagen
  • Cluster does have the Shift Light upgrade/integration (can be seen working in dyno vid, if I do not include the table/top test vid.
  • Momo Steering Wheel
  • All speakers and sound system related goodies were replaced in 2018 in Japan, JBL I believe, new tweeters as well (on customer door panel setup)
  • Braum Racing Seats W/ Floor Brackets
  • Braum Seat Harnesses
  • NRG Harness Bar
  • HVAC Foam Has been replaced, and entire HVAC system cleaned, no more foam in your eyes... (your welcome)
  • The carpet has been Dyed Black (originally gray)
  • The roof liner and sun-visors have also been redone black, so it all matches, no more dirty, ugly, gray carpet and liner.
  • Pro Spec Imports Shifter/E-Brake Boots
  • PHR Trunk Cover w/ Batter Box Cutout
  • Original Trunk Foam/Spare Tire/Most Tools
  • New Windshield (front & rear) seals for exterior
  • New trunk and hood bump stops
  • Rear Tires, Trans Oil, Engine Oil, and Coolant, All changed at 61,000 miles.
  • Front Tires replaced first week of September. 
  • Feel free to replace the seats if you don't like them. At the time of the build there was nothing else in stock that matched that I was into. Now, I have no ambition to replace them since I'm selling.


Grams Styling Body Kit, (yes all of it including the wing) Shine Auto was over 12 months out when I called to order. Which was an obvious no go for my timeline (which I didn’t meet anyways, of course.) The spoiler is already starting to look faded up close. Grams does not clear their Carbon, I had all the carbon, on every piece of body kit, cleared but it didn’t matter with the spoiler apparently. A real spoiler was too long a wait, as well as the body kit at the time of my build. Spoiler should be doable now but I do not intend to buy one now that I'm selling the car, and the body kit is mostly fine now with the exception of the side skirt mentioned, and the front pumper is not the perfect fit, as can be seen in the pictures, front middle under the hood, semi common with aftermarket bumpers but none the less worth mentioning.

The prior owner in Japan was a drifter, there was a roll gauge in the car and gauges drilled to the dash. Therefore, the dash has a couple small holes as well as the A- and B-pillars.

The pinch welds have seen better days at the jacking points, however, at the time of paint/body work, there were no local frame pullers available to have them fixed.

Appraised for insurance early 2023 for agreed value, Appraised at- $123,650. Insured for $124,000 through Grundy. 

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