1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-S

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Vehicle highlights

  • Manufacturing Year: 1999
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model:  Silvia
  • Exterior color: Gray
  • Interior color: Black
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Engine: SR20DE
  • Mileage: 85,180 miles
  • VIN: S15004782   Buy a CarVX Report!
  • Title status: Clean

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1999 Nissan Silvia S15, Spec-S (KH3) Super black SR20DE / 5spd 137,085km’s/ 85,180 Miles 

Fed legal, imported under 25yr law. Clean Fl title. 

This is a very original rust free example that runs and drives as should, engine runs smoothly and the trans feels great. Overall a great car, but does have some defects as follows. The paint is in poor condition, pictures show the paint better than in person. Ac does blow ice cold, but only from the defrost vents, it does cool the cabin well after running for a while. The drivers side window regulator needs new grommets that hold the glass to the regulator, window is up and seals properly. Nationwide transportation can be arranged! 

Please only reach out if you have the means and intent to purchase the vehicle. Thanks! 

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