1997 Toyota Chaser Tourer V

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Vehicle highlights

  • Manufacturing Year: 1997
  • Make: Toyota
  • Model:  Chaser
  • Exterior color: WHITE
  • Interior color: GRAY
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Engine: 2.5L 1JZ-GTE
  • Mileage: 92,243 miles
  • VIN: JZX100-0085477   Buy a CarVX Report!
  • Title status: Clean

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5 speed manual

2.5L 1JZ-GTE

92,243 verified miles


TRD Oil Cap

Blitz intercooler

Blitz Coilovers

GReddy Intake

Stepmaster Boost Gauge

Aftermarket Steering Wheel

BN Sports Style Lip Kit

Anhelo A1 Wheels

Aftermarket exhaust

Power Sunroof

Color Code 040 (Super White)

When it comes to 90s RWD sports cars, Toyota knew what they were doing. Following the JZX90 chassis, the JZX100 continued the legacy of three of their most popular sports sedans, the Mark II, Chaser, and Cresta. Coming in with a complete re-design, these three models look better than ever and have exploded in popularity in the United States. The Chaser has long been considered the sportiest model of the JZX chassis and this particular example features a number of era correct modifications that displays the pinnacle of the Japanese automotive enthusiasts dream build.

The JZX100 Tourer V received some noticeable tweaks from the JZX90, along with the implementation of ETCS and VVTi, the engine now received forced induction through one large turbocharger as opposed to two smaller ones in a parallel configuration. According to Toyota, this smoothed out the torque curve allowing the engine to deliver more torque at a lower RPM and with VVTi, improved the car’s fuel economy. This Chaser offers several features not seen on the JZX90’s, such as oscillating dashboard vents, adjustable headlight height and traction control.

The Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V is arguably the most versatile of all the 90s legendary sports cars. It offers a smooth and comfortable ride and due to the double wishbone suspension it corners exceptionally well. It is far more practical for daily driving purposes due to it being a spacious sedan and lastly it is a pro drifters dream. Revered in the drifting community, the 1JZ can be easily built to handle more power than just about any of it’s competitors, making this the primary choice of drift racing fanatics and tuners alike.

Whether looking to tear up the track, have a clean weekend car, or are just looking to add to the collection, this Chaser can fulfill any need. With under 100k miles, this one isn’t likely to last long!

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