1993 Mazda RX7 Type R II

$43,000 Asking Price
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Vehicle highlights

  • Manufacturing Year: 1993
  • Make: Mazda
  • Model:  RX7
  • Exterior color: Yellow
  • Interior color: Black
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Engine: 13B
  • Mileage: 16,385 miles
  • VIN: FD3S-202999   Buy a CarVX Report!
  • Title status: Clean

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Thinking about selling my car she's located and Las Vegas Nevada $43,000.. The car is in very good condition.. I have done a lot of work to it, as you can see!

1993 RHD Mazda RX7 FD Type R ll


Aluminum mishimoto radiator
mishimoto blue hoses
Pro spats strut bar
Aluminum catch can
Border racing exhaust
New OEM water pump
New OEM temperature coolant sensors and leveler


New OEM 99 spec front bumper
New OEM 99 spec front lip
New OEM bumper support
New OEM front bumper brackets
Kelvar Oil Cooler Air Ducts
Kelvar door handle
Kelvar door Outside Mirror Sail
Kelvar front headlight cover
99 specs tail lights
New OEM white side markers
New OEM rear quarter panel light
New OEM rear bumper reverse lights


Carbon Fiber Cluster Top Cover
Personal steering wheel with red stitching
Revlimiter custom cluster
Apex rev/speed meter
Defi management gauge system
Aluminum shift knob
Hks turbo timer
Boss system

Wheels and suspension

Tein coilovers
MS01 2 piece Wheels  front 17X8 Rear 17X9
Powder coated calipers illusion blueberry
Stop tech slotted rotors
Hawk brake pad

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