1998 Nissan Skyline HR34

Vehicle highlights

  • Manufacturing Year: 1998
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model:  Skyline
  • Exterior color: White
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual
  • Engine: RB25DET Neo
  • Mileage: 94,000 miles
  • VIN: HR34-000484   Buy a CarVX Report!
  • Title status: Clean


NO TRADES. Only looking to sell.

Price is not negotiable. Had a deposit on the car. Buyer decided to go with a different unit.

1998 Nissan Skyline


RB25det NEO (not original)

5 Speed (not original)

151k kilometers same as 94k miles

Runs, drives, stops

Both fenders have damage.

Front left door has the continuation of the fender damage.

Passenger headlight tab is broken

Coilovers are different front/rear

The transmission used to be 4wd

All the lights and windows work.

It has yellow headlight bulbs.

Everything on the cluster works.

Oil change done.

Windshield has a crack. Can get it changed locally sometime next week.

When you shift to 4th, it’s best to let the rpm’s drop to like 1500/2000 before shifting and do it slow. If you do like a fast shift at high rpm it complains, doesn’t pop out just makes a noise.

May 1998 production. Was imported this month.

Title in hand


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