How it works


Step 1 icon Submit Your Car

It’s free to submit; We require the basic details, photos, and a short description to submit your vehicle for approval. You have the option to select whether you want to have a reserve price(the minimum value that you will accept to sell) or a no reserve auction.


Step 2 iconPrepare Your Listing

If your submission is accepted by one of our auction experts, we’ll need additional information about the car. We encourage you to provide detailed, excellent photos of your vehicle and a quick video walk-around of the car running and point out any flaws that potential buyers will want to know. We also want to see ownership and service history.


Step 3 icon Finalize Your Auction

The moment you provide us all the information necessary, our team will draft the listing for your to approval. Once you’ve reviewed it and approved it, we will schedule the time slot for the listing to go live.


Step 4 icon Stay Active

Stay active with answering questions and responding to comments on your listing. Be open to providing additional videos or photos as needed and check-in your inbox as interested buyers can contact you directly through email.


Step 5 icon Auction End

Upon completing your successful auction, the buyer will be given your information and vice-versa to finalize the sale of the car. If the auction didn’t meet your reserve, our team would reach out to you and the highest bidder to see if we can help negotiate a deal that works for both parties.


Step 1 icon Register to Bid

Before bidding or contacting any sellers directly, we require you to register with a valid credit card and phone number. The winning bidder pays JDM Supply a 4% buyer’s fee on top of the winning bid with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $4,000.


Step 2 icon Perform Due Diligence

We do our best to make sure the listings on JDM Supply are honest and transparent. However, it is of utmost importance that you carry out your due diligence before bidding on a car. Reach out to the buyer with questions, look through the vehicle history reports and maintenance records. Do not be shy to ask for more photos or videos. Arrange to inspect the vehicle in person or find a reputable shop to perform a “PPI” inspection at your expense.


Step 3 icon Arrange Financing and Logistics

Please work with a lender to get your financing preapproved before bidding on the car if you plan to finance the vehicle. Discuss transportation timelines with the seller and if you are shipping the vehicle get a shipping quote in advance.


Step 4 icon Bid on the Car

When you feel comfortable with the seller and the car and make your first bid, we place a hold on your credit card for 4% of the initial bid amount. If you win the auction, the hold will turn into a charge of 4% of the final sales price. You will be responsible for paying the seller directly for the vehicle at that point. If you are not the highest bidder, the hold will be released at the end of the auction. Bids placed within the final minute of the auction reset the time remaining to 1 minute, to prevent “bid sniping” and keep it fair for every bidder.

Seller questions

There are no fees to list a vehicle for sale on our website.

To submit your car hit the "Submit Your Car" red button on the top right corner of our website. Follow the step by step instructions on providing the important details on your car along with recent photos. After your submission, our team will reach out to get any final details to ensure thate the listing is accurate.

All our auctions last 7 days but with any last minute bids, the timer will reset by 1 minute intervals. This is to avoid "bid sniping" and to give your car the best chance to get the highest final sales price.

After receiving the relevent and specific information from you, we'll write a concise, informative and objective description on the car. Which you will have the chance to approve before the auction is turned on.

As the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words! So its important to take high quality photos for potential buyers to see. Please follow our photography guide for best practices when taking the photos yourself.

A reserve price is the minimum amount that you are willing to accept for your car and which is unknown to the buyers during the duration of the auction.

Absolutely! 90% of car buyers say that a video helps in the decision process. The more thorough the video showing the good and the bad, will build confidence in bidder and attract top dollar.

Currently we are only offering auctions for cars located in the USA and Canada. We are working hard to expand into other countries.

We only select cars based on condition, quality of history documentation, quality of photos, requested reserve price and car uniqueness.

No. During the time that your car is listed on JDM Supply, it is to be listed exclusively with us. If there are any attempts to circumvent the auction, you will be permanently erased, just like in the movie Eraser. Just kidding, but we will ban you.

If the reserve price is not met, we will get in touch with the highest bidder and yourself to see if we can negotiate a deal that will work for both parties.

In order to not slow down the bidding process, we recommend that you do not share the reserve price with potential buyers.

The safest methods of payments are generally wire transfers and cashier checks that are done directly between you and the buyer.

Although we appreciate all kinds of cars, we are only accepting Japanese specific makes at this time.

At the moment we are solely focuse on only auctioning cars. However we may introduce auctions for parts in the future.

Buyer questions

We charge 4% of the final bid price on top of the winning bid, with a minimum fee of $250 up to $4,000.

Registration is easy! Hit the Big Red "Sign Up" button on the top right corner. Once you choose a username and password, and a credit card to authorize that it is valid. There is no charge to register. You will receive an email to confirm your account. After confirmation, you will be prompt to return back to your account page to complete your registration.

Once registered, simply find the car that you are interested in and click "place bid" on the vehicle listing page. Our platform operated at a straight-bid-style auction. Meaning the bid you place is the highest bid, and if you are outbid, you will be prompt to create another bid. This keeps the auction transparent at all times. When bidding, we place a hold on your card for 4% of your initial bid amount with a minimum hold of $250 and a maximum of $4,000. Should you win the auction, that hold will be converted to a charge. If not, the hold will be released immediately at auction end. It can sometimes take a few days for your bank to release the funds.

Upon the auction completion, the 4% hold on your credit card will turn into a charge. We'll provide you the sellers contact information and at that point the transaction will take place between you and the seller. Before the transfer of funds, we highly recommend asking the seller to verify the proof of ownership by requesting a photocopy of the title and registration.

If the reserve for the auction is not met, and you are the highest bidder, we will work with you and the seller to see if we can come to a suitable sales price for both parties. If an agreement can be reached, we will put both parties in contact and our fee drops to 2% of the final sale price.

To uphold the integrity of the auction and reduce window shopping, we place a 4% hold on your initial bid with a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $4,000. If you are the winning bidder, the 4% hold turns into a charge of the winning bid amount. Example scenario: Your initial bid was $10,000 on a car. We put a hold on your card for $400. The winning bid ends at $40,000, you will be charged $1,600 by us at the end of the auction. If you did not win the auction or are outbid, the hold is released immediately.

Within the vehicle listing, through the comment section below the vehicle description.

Yes you can. However we require that you are aware of all import/export regulations and logistics before bidding on the vehicle. All logistics, import fees, transportation, legal dues, and/or other items needed to export/import the vehicle are entirely the buyer’s responsibility.

You can update your credit card by clicking on your name in the top right corner, selecting "Settings" and "Payment Methods". This cannot be done when you have an active bid.

We do not allow for cancellation of bids. So be responsible when you place a bid.

Financing is to be arranged prior to bidding on a vehicle. The vehicle listings should provide adequate information that you can pass to the lender. Please contact the owner if there are specific pieces of information that are missing and that the lender may require.

Something that we highly encourage every buyer to do! If you would like to have the car inspected, please contact the seller on the listing and arrange an inspection.

Transportation costs are always the responsibility of the buyer. We suggest speaking with the seller to coordinate a mutual timeline and arranging the pick up of the car based on the agreed time.

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